Hunter's Creek Property Owners Association, Inc.

Board and Committee Members

Our Mission

Hunter’s Creek Property Owners Association, Inc. is a non-profit community organization composed of property owners dedicated to supporting and promoting a positive quality of life and safety in our community by:

  1. Promoting a spirit of cooperation, goodwill, and neighborliness and encouraging property owners to openly communicate and participate in the exchange of ideas about how to improve the community and preserve those features that make this community unique.DSCN1625
  2. Representing the community for constructive development in the areas of neighborhood beatification, zoning and land use planning, traffic control, police and fire protection, community public relations, local ordinance, covenant and restrictions enforcement and coordination of government services provided according to bylaws and county ordinances.
  3. Taking necessary steps to preserve and enhance property values and the quality of life through the prudent use of resources for the benefit of all who live, visit, or work in our community.
  4. Conduction all business and activity in compliance with South Carolina Code of Laws for non-profit organizations.


Terry Cummings – President

(864) 223-5557


Steve Lankford – Vice President

(864) 223-2445


Michell Karlovetz – Secretary

(864) 943-0606


Robert Moon – Treasurer

(864) 337-5011


Gary Odom – Director

(864) 344-3588


Judy Yonce – Director



Bruce Culbertson – Director

(803) 206-1980


Kyle Scates – Director



Barry Brown – Architectural Review Committee, Chair



Abbeville Tax Commissioners 

Bryce Rhodes

Michelle Karlovetz

Thomas E. Hite, III

Greenwood Tax Commissioners

James Bidwell

James Michael Thomas

Sheldon Bontreger

Core Objectives of the Hunter’s Creek Board of Directors

  1. Encourage collaborative participation that includes an involved membership.
  2. Take necessary steps as indicated to insure the safety and welfare of residents of the community.
  3. Assist to maintain and enhance property values by enforcing existing covenants and restrictions and amending as needed.
  4. Listen to concerns of the community and facilitate amicable solutions based on merit and not with regard to any special interest group.
  5. Seek continuous improvements in financial oversight, budgeting, and dispersion of funds. Promote financial transparency.
  6. Reserve the right to challenge actions that are deemed not in the best interest of the association.


Architectural Review Committee

Barry Brown, Chairman – Responsible for approving all new construction and repair to properties in Hunter’s Creek. Any changes tp properties must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.