Hunter's Creek Property Owners Association, Inc.

Golf Cart Laws

South Carolina Law (56-2-105) requires that all persons who operate golf carts to have the following:Golf Cart

  • A valid SC Drivers license
  • Registration Certificate
  • Proof of liability insurance

Due to a rash of complaints, the South Carolina Highway Department and Sheriff’s Office will strictly enforce these laws.



When riding your golf cart along the golf cart path associated with the golf course, please remember a few things. While riding your cart on the paths without playing the course is permitted, there are a few rules you must follow. We encourage driving  the opposite way of the cart path so the golfers, as well as the riders, can see ahead if someone is coming instead of startling the golfers from behind. Any residents “riding around” need to also make sure to STOP when any golfer is in play. This is a safety concern we have for the riders in the golf carts. Another issue that sometimes arises is the courtesy of the golfer who has paid to play our beautiful course. Noises and other Visual Distractions sully the experience for anyone who has paid to be on the course. Please be aware of your surroundings and others when you ride through any of our courses.

We have a beautiful neighborhood with exquisite views along our golf course, and we do encourage those who wish to sight-see to do so. However, we would like for our paying golf patrons to have the most enjoyable experience possible as well. We encourage anyone who is riding from home-to-home to please use the main roads when possible as to reduce the chance of an on-course incident. We appreciate your consideration in keeping our neighborhood a peaceful and quiet destination for those living in and visiting Hunters Creek.