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With Spring right around the corner, Town and Country would like to remind all property owners of a few provisions regarding Yard Debris Disposal. The community continues to have a problem with debris and clippings being dump on vacant lots owned by other owners. Refer to the bottom, italicized section to determine where your waste needs to be placed.  We also want to remind everyone that Greenwood County comes through our neighborhood at the end of each month to dispose of our yard waste. Please try and schedule your yard clean up disposal toward the latter part of every month so that the clippings don’t remain along the street for too long. Below is a reminder of the County’s policy:

  • Yard Waste is to be defined as Vegetative Material such as:
    • Clippings generated by cutting the grass
    • Pruning debris from shrubbery
    • Leaves
    • Small Tree Parts
  • Items NOT considered to be Yard Waste include:
    • Debris generated by any lot clearing, professional tree removal services, or commercial lawn care/ landscapers
    • Discarded furniture, appliances, old lumber, wire, landscape timbers, garden hoses, or plastic containers
  • Leaves, needles, and small clippings must be bagged to prevent blowing off their trucks.

This is also a good idea to minimize the blowing of the debris along our streets.

  • Greenwood County pick-up will be limited to a Once a Month, Last Week of the Month period for all homeowners
  • Debris Piles:
    • Piles will approximate Seven cubic yards in volume (Ten Foot Length, Six Foot Wide, and 3 Foot High), and pick-up will be limited to Twenty Bags of Yard Waste per month.
    • Two small trees with parts cut in lengths no longer than 4 feet and 6 inches in diameter will be accepted for pick up
  • Piles should be positioned along the edge of the adjoining road next to the homeowner’s property. (Care should be taken to prohibit that piles do not become traffic hazards).
  • Any debris generated by Contracted Work is not to be included in homeowner piles

As noted above, this service will be provided during the last week of each month. Please plan accordingly to minimize placing any debris out along the street too early in the month. In doing this, it will help in minimizing so many piles of yard debris along our streets for extended periods of time.

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Town & Country is announcing that the recent Amendment to the Covenants has officially passed. This document, along with all signature pages, was recorded and filed with the Greenwood County Courthouse on February 6, 2017. You may refer to this document by selecting the tab to the right named Documents and Forms and then selecting Amendment to Covenants February 6th, 2017.