Hunter's Creek Property Owners Association, Inc.

Reporting a Power Outage to Duke Energy

powerlineIf you have a power outage on your property, or if you want to report a street light outage, please contact Duke Energy directly at 800- 769-3766.   If you feel that an outage is due to severe weather, do not assume that someone else will report it.

Follow the prompts to report an outage.   Usually within a few minutes you will speak to a customer service representative, and you may be asked to confirm you account information, but then you can report the location of the street light outage by giving the address of the property nearest the light.   Duke may ask you to put tape or ribbon on the pole to help its crew identify the exact pole, but the street light outage should be repaired within 48-72 hours.

We hope this is helpful, and we will rely on each resident to help us keep all the lighting in Hunters Creek fully operational.