Hunter's Creek Property Owners Association, Inc.

Mailbox Policy

DSCN1887Although the covenant’s, conditions & restrictions for the Hunter’s Creek community require a consistent, particular style of mailbox, mailboxes are solely the responsibility of the homeowner to install, repair, or replace in accordance with certain specifications.

Mailbox Specifications: Unless there is some obstruction or restriction, new boxes are to be set 3-feet to the left of the driveway; 1-foot back from the curb; and the top of the post should be 58 inches above the natural grade.

Hunter’s Creek Property Owners Association, Inc. maintains an inventory of mailboxes and all of the necessary parts, available for purchase by the home owners. The price list is as follows:

  • Complete Mailbox Unit – $300.00
  • Mailbox – $150.00
  • Support Arm – $75.00
  • Post & Cap w/ Support – $175.00
  • Flag – $18.00
  • Magnet – $12.00
  • Numbers – $2.50 each

Please contact Granger Smith at 864-388-4001 if you need to purchase the mailbox unit or parts. He will arrange for delivery and payment of the hardware you need.  

Thank you.