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Last night, Tuesday, August 25th the community experienced a number of vehicle break-ins and vandalism. Greenwood Sheriff deputies who are investigating these matters have no suspects at this time. We would like to caution everyone to ensure your vehicles are locked at night and valuables are removed. The deputies are also asking if anyone has any information that may be helpful to please call Lonnie Smith 864-943-8087. They are also asking if anyone living near any of the victims who have security cameras that may have captured this activity,  to please immediately call as this would be very helpful.

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  1. I know this is late and may be a different situation but this Saturday night we had 5 to 6 boys ringing our doorbell about midnight (even after I turned on the light) . I have cameras mounted around the house and have some good video of the boys involved. This may have just been a prank and unrelated but I will share the video if it would be helpful.

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