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As the warmer weather months usually result in an increase in outdoor activity, we would like to remind everyone of the Golf Cart Laws that must be obeyed.

South Carolina Law (56-2-105) requires that all persons who operate golf carts to have the following:

  • * A valid SC Driver’s license
  • * Registration Certificate
  • * Proof of liability insurance

There was a recent incident involving children driving a golf cart and running into another owner’s mailbox, causing damage to the owner’s mail receptacle. Fortunately, no one involved was injured. However, this accident needs to be used as a reminder to all of us living within Hunters Creek that we need to keep our children safe, as well as our  neighbors’ property. In order to do so, we must ask that parents please restrict the use of driving a golf cart to only those who qualify to do so. All families with children and golf carts should remember the specific law that governs anyone under the legal driving age. We ask that you please take this as a serious reminder that accidents can, and do, happen involving motorized vehicles. With school being out for the Summer, the amount of traffic through the neighborhood is only going to increase. If you own a golf cart within the community, please help us maintain neighborhood safety.

One thought on “GOLF CART SAFETY

  1. I agree with you when you said that the golf cart must only be used by someone who is qualified to drive it so that the chances of accidents are avoided. I will mention this to a friend who plans on renting a golf cart for the golf trip next month. He has kids at home and since he will not be using the cart once he rents, he needs to figure out how to keep it away from the kids.

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