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November 12, 2019

Hunter’s Creek HOA UPDATE

Dear Hunter’s Creek HOA members;

We continue to see growth in the neighborhood.  Currently there are 5 new homes under construction and 1 home addition.  The ACC also has 3 plans submitted for approval.  Proof of the desirability of our neighborhood.

The board is determined to resolve the issue concerning the burned house on Isabella Court.  Our attorney has notified the board that one of the other parties involved with the Isabella Court house has declined to sign the agreement made in August.  This lack of action from the parties has prompted the board to request that our attorney seek a court ruling on the matter.

The board is also, with help from our attorney, crafting an amendment proposal to bring the ACC under the jurisdiction of the HOA Board and to increase the number of members of the ACC, from 3 to 5. Additionally, an Ad Hoc committee has been formed to evaluate the current ACC guidelines and make recommendations for changes where necessary.

At the September Board meeting a request to investigate the potential of mowing the former golf course property was made.  We have gotten estimates from several landscaping companies, and we are now just awaiting approval from the property owner to proceed with a one time cutting. We hope to have this done prior to the holidays.

We hope you have noticed several upgrades and improvements to three of the enclaves within our community. At the Woodlawn Road entrance, up-lighting was installed to illuminate the trees along each side of the street. Eighteen Queens Court had its entrance recently pruned and the brick wall cleaned. The entrance to Foxchase was refurbished with new landscaping and up-lighting.

We are beginning to plan for our annual Christmas Social.

Mark your calendars as our next Hunters Creek Board Meeting will be January 14th at 6pm at Harris Baptist Church.

As always, your board works for you, and strives to keep Hunter’s Creek a thriving and vibrant community.  If you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact Town and Country or a board member.

  • The Hunters Creek Board of Directors

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