Hunter's Creek Property Owners Association, Inc.


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Recently, Granger Smith, of Town & Country Property Management, accompanied Al Bergen (Concerned Hunters Creek resident) and Matt Mills (Greenwood County Road Maintenance Superintendent) on a ride-through assessment of all Hunters Creek’s roads. During the meeting, obvious and wide-spread deterioration was noted on multiple roads by Mr. Mills. Some in greater need of repair than others. Following the meeting, Mr. Mills committed to a concerted effort on the part of Greenwood County to have Hunters Creek’s roads placed on the list of those to be addressed by the Roads Department as soon as resources would allow. Within the next few months, we anticipate an increased presence of County vehicles and workers that will be evaluating these concerning areas, and eventually making the necessary repairs. There is no guaranteed time-frame given by Mr. Mills, but he committed to have these individual repairs made within a timely manner.

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