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March 3, 2021

Hunters Creek HOA Members,
Although COVID 19 has prevented us from having open member meetings, your board has continued to meet remotely and in person to continue the work of the HOA . We are sending this letter to touch base and give an overview of activities since we last met.

All board meeting minutes are posted for your review on the Hunters Creek website, Please use this resource for other information you may need. Also, on the website, you will find board members name and contact information. Please feel free to contact t any board member with any questions or concerns regarding Hunters

The Reserve Advisers were commissioned to complete an in-depth reserve study to determine the appropriate dollar amount to maintain in the HOA reserve. The study has been completed, and the board is reviewing their recommendations.

An ad hoc committee has been established to bring a 3-to-5 Year Plan to upgrade amenities – i.e. Lighting, Landscaping, Signage, etc., for the improvement and maintenance of the community. If you have any suggestions for upgrades or needed maintenance, please notify the board.

Any incident of vandalism that you observe, we ask that you please report it to the police and to our county representative, Robbie Templeton at, 864-942-8008 (work). The more attention brought to the acts of vandalism, the better our chances are for corrective action.

-Hunters Creek Board of Directors

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